“The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step”

– Lao Tzu

45 Sample Ideas to Help You Choose a Dissertation Topic

As a college undergrad or grad student, you will come across writing a dissertation — a research paper for your degree program. It is one of the academic requirements of fulfilling a college program.

Although most students find it difficult navigating the entire dissertation process, one of the areas students experience challenges in is choosing a suitable topic for their dissertation.

Interesting dissertation topics for students to choose from

One of the important things to note when preparing to write your dissertation is that your topic has to be interesting. When it is interesting, it is easier to engage the interest of your readers.

Below are some interesting dissertation topics for both undergraduate and graduate programs to take note of:

  1. The gendered environmental challenges experienced by people identifying as women in rural areas.
  2. The exploration of the social impact of Covid-19.
  3. Pay Gap: Wage differences among men and women and the rooted cause of other related social issues.
  4. Towards a digital future: The growth of the tech industry and the evolution of a Metaverse.
  5. A new dimension in publishing: e-publishing and how it will impact libraries and print books.

Business dissertation topics examples

If your discipline is business-focused, some of the topics listed below will enable you to choose your dissertation topic of interest.

  1. Globalization and how it is impacting the business world.
  2. Technology and digital innovation: How capitalism is expanding in the business scene.
  3. How the rising inflation issue affects the progression of SMEs in the modern economy.
  4. A critical study of the aftermath of the Covid crisis and how it hit the business sector.
  5. Influencer culture and how it is expanding the modern business frontier.

Good dissertation topics in management

One of the broadest disciplines of learning is management. So, for students, when it comes to choosing a topic for their management dissertation, there are various areas to choose from.

While the field is broad, here are some sample topic ideas to consider for your dissertation.

  1. A comparative study of corporate financial performance and corporate social responsibility in business.
  2. A critical evaluation of the importance of salary benchmarking in companies and organizations and how it informs organizational growth.
  3. An exploration of strategic human resource management principles and how it impacts organizational performance.
  4. A study of the emergence of small businesses today and how government policies and globalization impact them.
  5. The importance of leadership within an organization and how it effectively reflects organizational output.
  6. Why companies should strive towards competitive advantage.

Economics dissertation ideas

The field of economics is another broad discipline. As a student searching for dissertation topics within the discipline, note several interesting topics you will come across.

Below are some sample good dissertation topics in the area to explore.

  1. Critical study of market structure and how it influences market performance.
  2. A comparative study of the macroeconomic structure of Europe and Africa.
  3. A critical evaluation of the rising impact of globalization on poverty.
  4. The proliferation of FinTech companies and diversifying access to financial service and education.
  5. The influence of Covid on demand for labor.
  6. A study of the great resignation and how this impacts the labor market.
  7. The increasing issue of immigrant unemployment disparity in Europe.

Human geography dissertation ideas

If you are looking for some sample geography dissertation ideas to write on or how to write a dissertation question on geography, some topics to take insight from.

  1. The impact of natural disasters on humans and their immediate environment.
  2. Global warming and climate change and the ways it is affecting the environment.
  3. A critical study of wildlife corridors.
  4. The causes and possible solutions to environmental hazards like pollution.

List of dissertation topics in nursing

The nursing profession is also broad, and there are so many dissertation topics you can come up with for those in the nursing profession. Here are some sample topics.

  1. Aseptic technique and the reasons why it’s required in rural communities.
  2. The increasing rate of healthcare-associated infections and the need for a purpose-driven solution.
  3. Learning disabilities amongst young people and the importance of learning disability specialists.
  4. How the emergence of a global pandemic impacted the nursing profession.
  5. The importance of specialty roles within the nursing field.
  6. A study of autism specialist roles within nursing science.

Major politics dissertation ideas

If you are in the political science field, below are some topics to consider.

  1. A comparative study of cultural politics in the US and the UK.
  2. A critical evaluation of US foreign policy.
  3. The importance of media in politics.
  4. Political extremism and how it impacts underdeveloped nations.
  5. The impact of foreign policies on underdeveloped countries.

Real estate dissertation topics you can consider

Here are some sample topics for students in architectural and other estate-related disciplines to consider.

  1. The growing challenge of millennials’ inability to afford homes in the UK.
  2. Low pay wages and how it affects mortgage payment.
  3. An evaluation of the current real estate market in the US.
  4. The role of technology within the real estate industry.
  5. Land appreciation and factors that contribute to it.

Sociology dissertation ideas

For your sociology topic ideas, here are some samples to consider.

  1. How the social discrimination amongst sexual orientation impacts society.
  2. The misogynistic undertones of policing women’s bodies.
  3. Comparative study of politics, religion, and society.
  4. How technology and the internet are impacting our society.
  5. A study of how social norms are born.

How to find dissertation topic for your field

Dissertation research questions are an essential part of writing a dissertation. To find your dissertation question, conduct thorough research on your topic of interest. The question emanates from loopholes within previous studies. This will enable you to form your research question.

Choosing a good dissertation topic is an important part of your research writing. If your topic is interesting and has depth, it reflects on the quality of your essay.